What you see in this page is a small sample of the material in our collection. We have many takes and different shots for each animal sequence. Most of our footage is shot on 35mm or HD. We are happy to discuss the licensing of this material with you. Please call us with your specific requirements. If we do not have the right shot or the animal you require, we will gladly discuss the possibility of shooting it for you.

Ladybird Dalmatian Honey Bee Tortoise Swans on Thermal imaging Swans on Thermal Imaging Skink Golden Cockrill with Hen Golden Cockrill Speckled hen Greyhound Doberman Four Dobermans Horse Cu on Thermal Imaging Horse & Groom on Thermal Imaging Dogue de Bordeaux yellow chick Newt Pigeons on Thermal Imaging Ducks on Thermal Imaging Dog sitting up on Thermal imaging Dog sleeping on Thermal Imaging ogCU on Thermal Imaging Cows on Thermal Imaging Honey Combe on Thermal Imaging lynx Male African lion Tiger Amur leopard panthenos Sylvia Cethosia Biblis Heliconius Melpomene Idea leuconoe Precis Octavia Pailio Memnon Papilio Polytes Eryphanis Polyxena Morpho Peleides Heliconius charitonius Lycorea Cleobaea Brtish Peacock Golden retreive puppies suckling Golden Retreiver puppies running to camera Golden retreiver puppysitting-Walks off Two Golden retreiver puppies. One walks off Golden retreiver puppie wakes up Golden retriever running followed by puppies Golden retreiver sitting up & lying down Golden retriever running Golden retreiver CU Buzzard Egyptian Cobra Barn Owl Rough Green Snake Chameleon redtailed Boa Constrictor European Eagle Owl Corn Snake Burmese Python Harris Hawk Boa Constrictor Kestral Strikig Tree Boa Gyr Falcon Perregrin Falcon Ginat Snail Gecko Giant Toad Crickets Millepede Black Stallion Cockroach Brown Rabbit White Rabbit Scorpion Tarantullr white mouse Brown and white Rabbit

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